ANO Tanaduk news from March 31, 2019


ANO TANADUK NEWS # 22 (#5-2019) /March 31, 2019/

  1. This issue of the newletter is dedicated to detailed description of Materia Medica project. Materia Medica.
    In the closest 2 years we plan to issue more than 500 cards, each of them will be dedicated to one kind of raw materials. The cards can be put as files into a file-book with rings. The cards are based on the information that was collected by Andrey Kosoburov in his "Encyclopedia of raw materials", which is systemised for more convenient use and accompanied by photoes, information about areas of growing, recent substitutes, photographs of dry raw materials with Chinese names. In addition to this message you can find indication of Tibetan names for herbal raw materials. In total there will be 280 cards for plants, 118 for mineral materials, 99 for animal. Moreover, the edition will be fullfilled by some articles on linguistics, raw materials processing, tastes, action and healing properties of each name, names of diseases and their correspondance to western names etc.
    We will soon place an example of the card on the site (sro-lo).
    We issue the file-books for cards storage designed by works of Anna Artemyeva, the cost of one file-book is 690 rubles.
    The cards will be issued on a monthly basis in packs of 20-25 articles, the total volume will be 80 pages, the cost of the package 1680 rubles.
    So you will be able to collect the full Encyclopedia of raw materials, edit it by your own materials, combine it your own way.
    If you have any offers, opinions etc. regarding the project please send them to
    We will gratefully raceive volunteers help: if you deal in botanics, mineralogy, can help with translation into English or collecting photoes, transliteration - please write to
    List of herbal raw materials for Materia Medica
  2. Prepress of "Sowa Rigpa points" is at the stage of edition. Suppose that in the end of the spring we will advertise prepaid sales of this book. The whole issue is supposed to be around 1000 books.
    If you wish to help in sales and distribution please write to
    For SKI centres and Yutok Lings and registrated SKI students the re will be reduction of 20%.
  3. We began working over the third work-book of lectures of Geshe Rinchen Tenzin. Work-books 1 (Rlung diseases) and 2 (Tripa diseases) “Lectures by Geshe Rinchen Tenzin for doctors” you can by on-line using the link
  4. Dear friends, as you can see from the report below we have minus on our account. That means that exept our time and energy we have to invest our money to support the idea. The cativity of Tanaduk is sponsored by 15-20 people on a monthly basis, and the half of the required amount is contributed by one generous person. This makes Tanaduk's work unstable. We collect donations to compensate monthly expences. All the money we receive from books and brochures are directed to publishing activity and translations. Money that we get from profitable publications we can direct to issue of such editions as Lectures of Geshe Rinchen Tenzin. Sales of the Lectures brought only one fifth of the money that was spent on them, but this material is unique. "Encyclopedia" also does not get much donation - preparation af any project takes a lot of resources which cannot be seen by external observer.. this is the theory of "relation"... and I hope that "relatively" small amounts but regular and incorporated by EVERY person interested in receiving quality editions on Tibetan Medicine, will help us to be more secured doing our job. We, Tanaduk team, work a lot over the projects, some of us for free, others - for small payment, we do this soo that Sowa Rigpa should spread over the world. Please, support us if you can!
  5. Financial results of May 2019 (P&L for March 2019)
    Incoming balance: - 56 rub.
    Cash: 56
    Account - 0
    Income in March: 53' 594 rub.
    18 000 I put to the account myself and pay wages to myself and related taxes .  
    22 294 - Donations collected. Thank you. 
    12 600 - Income from sales of Lectures 
    Expences in March: 57'844 rub.
    WEB support - 10100
    Publishing (ISBN, design) - 17 240
    Taxes, banking commissions, mail- 7322
    Accounting - 7 000
    Director's salary - 16182 (I put this money myself, it does not come from donation)
    Outgoing balance - minus 3910rubles
  6. I ask you very much to support the project!!!

Best wishes
Elena Shirshova
March, 31 2019

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