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The origins of Sowa Rigpa - Tibetan science of healing - go deeply to remote ages. All we can say for sure, it was formed at least several thousands of years ago. Being the crossroad of many caravan routes, Tibet was the point of touch of all the largest ancient eastern civilizations, and consequently, medical knowledge from ancient China, India, Persia and even ancient Greece harmonically joined in medical tradition of the inhabitants of the Land of Snows. For some thousands of years, Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa has formed into a coherent system of well-structured knowledge about human body functions, pathology mechanisms and ways of restoring health, properties and effects of huge amount of natural medicines and procedures. During this time, generations of outstanding doctors have written hundreds of books and tested thousands of medicinal prescriptions.
In the second half of the 20th century, when religion and culture of Tibet began to open to Western people, the means and methods of Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa proved their relevance and effectiveness in treatment of modern diseases. Principles of disease and stress prevention of Sowa Rigpa are effective and can be easily adapted to modern realities.
But until now this knowledge in its full integrity was available only in Tibetan. So far, there was not a single paper or electronic reference source in Western language containing systematic and accurate information about terms, personalities and methods of Tibetan medical science. Project "Sorig Encyclopedia" is intended to fullfill this empty space and introduce to its readers the unlimited world of Tibetan science of healing.
Anastasia Teplyakova

The idea of this project belongs to Anastasia Teplyakova.
Few years ago together with assistance of SORIG KHANG INTERNATIONAL, Anastasia has made a page on Facebook where she published articles and translations of basic terms TTM.
However, it became evident soon that the only enthusiast can't make this really immense work.
When ANO Tanaduk was established, it became possible to support "Encyclopedia of Sowa Rigpa" project.
Now "Encyclopedia" - is the informational website where articles are conveniently submitted according to themes. Our main principle here is - highly professional and correct information. All materials of "Encyclopedia" are based on classical texts of TTM. Such web-site will be undoubtedly demanded by doctors and students of Tibetan medicine. Users of "Encyclopedia" can be sure of its reliability.
Encyclopedia is available both English and Russian.
So far there are only few articles are laid out, Anastasia together with other authors and translators constantly fills up the website with new materials. We are going to issue 4-12 articles monthly.
To support the project we have to collect no less than 100Euro every month. We’ll be grateful for any donation.
Elena Shirshova

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