Texts and other sources used

Texts and other sources used:

AK - Andrey Kosoburov. The encyclopedia of Tibetan medicine raw materials. Ulan-Ude. 2013.

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Kl-prescription book, comliled by Zla-ba. Dharmasala. 2003.

KM - "Kun-sel-me-lon". [Prescription book in Tibetan].

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ML-Rgyun-spyod-bod-sman-ngos-'dzin-gsal-ba'i-me-long. [Treatise in Tibetan]. 2013.

RT- oral message from geshe Rinchen Tenzin - The Teacher of Bon tradition, the holder of the line "Bum Shi".

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OM - Oral messages of Tibetan medicine doctors.

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СLM – 1) A clear mirror of Tibetan medicinal plants (volume 1). Author: doctor Dawa. Tibet Domani 1999. 2) A clear mirror of Tibetan medicinal plants (volume 2). Author: doctor Dawa. Men-Tsee-Khang 2009.

D - Medicinal Plants of Dolpo. Author: Yeshi Choden Lama and others. Nepal. 2001.

DTM – Dictionary of tibetan materia medica. Cоставитель: dr. Pasang Yonten Arya. Delhi. 1998.

MP – Medicinal plants in Mongolia. World Health Organization. 2013.

МТMD -Bod-kyi-gso-rig-dang-a-yur-ve-dha-krung-dbyi'i-sman-gjung-bchas-las-bstan-pa'i-skye-dngos-sman-rdzas-kyi-dpar-ris-dang-lag-len-gches-btus-blo-gsar-rig-pa'i-sgo-'byed-ches-bya-bjugs-so. Men-tsee-khang. 2008. Published by: Materia Medica Department. (Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of H.H. the Dalai Lama). Dharamsala, India.

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TED – Tibetan-English Dictionary of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. Author: Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso и Lady Astrologer Tsering D. Drungtso.

ТМ – “Tibetan medicine” magazine №11. Dharamsala. 1988.

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