On the 30th of May 2017 the sad news came — Andrey Kosoburov, the famous translator of Tibetan medical texts, the scientist, the researcher, the Tibetan medicine doctor passed away.
His name was familiar to everybody who had been studying and practicing Tibetan medicine in Russia in the last 20-30 years. Every specialist or student was anyway using his translations.
Acting alone, he managed to translate and compile about ten books on Tibetan medicine, which are very important for Russian practitioners as they cover mostly practical aspects of this science. They are "Lhang-thabs" (a commentory to the Oral Instructions Tantra), famous "Chettui-ninnor" and other important texts.
The quality of his translations has always been high. He was very demanding of his work, made a second edition of some translations when there was a chance to refine something, for example the famous Mongolian healing-book "Ontsar gadon der dzod". He used a lot of additional literature: reference books, comments, consulted with Teachers and skilled doctors, etc. During the last year of his life he was retranslating "Lhan-thabs" as he found some new commentaries for this text, but unfortunately, he managed to finish only first eight chapters.
In order to keep his heritage for future generations of Tibetan medicine doctors and in the memory of this remarkable Russian translator and scientist we have organized publication of the Full Collection of his works.
It was a non commercial project. The published books were dustributed at minimum cost among people who study and practice Tibetan medicine and were presented to some large public libraries and to the libraries of some Buddhist Centers.
Consent to this non commercial edition was received from Konstantin Rukosuyev, the friend of Andrey Kosoburov, to whom he had passed electronic versions of all translations, and from the brother of the dead scientist Igor Kosoburov.
We announced donations collection for this project and for a short time we've collected the necessary amount.
This project became the first one and actually led us to the idea of ANO Tanaduk creation.


    1 том:

  • Sandje Chjamtso. “Practical manual of Tibetan Medicine “Lhan-thabs”
  • 2 том:

  • Лобсанг Чойпел «Монгольский лечебник «Четуй ниннор», བློ་བཟང་ཆོས་འཕེལ ༄༅༎གཅེས་བཏུས་སྙིང་ནོར༎
  • Чойжамц «Монгольский лечебник «Онцар гадон дэр дзод» ཆོས་རྒྱ་མཚོ ༄༅༎ངོ་མཚར་དགའ་སྟོན་གཏེར་མཛོད༎
  • 3 том:

  • А.А. Кособуров. «Энциклопедия лекарственного сырья тибетской медицины»
  • А.А. Кособуров. «Обширное собрание тибетско-монгольско-бурятской рецептуры»
  • "Modern prescription book of Amdo Gyunkhoi Mendzor Chedui" ༄༅༎རྒྱུན་མཁོའི་སྨན་སྦྱོར་གཅེས་བསྡུས་ཡང་ཞུན་ནོར་བུའི་མགུལ་རྒྱན་ ཞེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས་སོ༎
  • 4 том

  • А.А. Кособуров. «Тибетская медицина: методы диагностики»
  • Samten "New dawn. The Concentrated Essence of Sorig" གསོ་རིག་སྙིང་བསྡུས་སྐྱ་རེངས་གསར་བ་
  • A.Kosoburov "Tibetan medicine approcahes to oncologic diseases treatment".


We believe that important work of translation of Tibetan medical texts will continue and Sowa Rigpa will flourish, extending all over the world, to the benefit of all the sentient beings!


Sergey and Elena Shirshov.

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