Сlassical medical treatises translated and published in Russian

Author : Yutok Jonten Gonpo (1126 -1202)
Name: Four Tantras རྒྱུད་བཞི། (rgyud bzhi)
Publishing House: Vostochnaya literatura
ISBN: 5-02-018033-5
Year of publication: 2001
Translator: D.B. Dashiev
About the book " The Four Medical Tantras - the Secret Quintessential Instructions of the Eight Branches of the Ambrosia Essence Tantra" - is the first translation of the classical treatise "The Four Tantras" from Tibetan into Russian. The book includes translation of the four tantras (Root Tantra, Explanatory Tantra, Oral Instructions Tantra, Subsequent Tantra), notes, index of diseases, raw materials, prescriptions.

Author: Desrid Sanjai Chjamtso (1683-1685)
Name: "Vajdurya Onbo"
Publishing House: Vostochnaya literatura
ISBN: 978-5-02-036553-7
Year of publication: 2014
Translator: D.B. Dashiev
About the book : " The Blue beryl - medical shastra is a commentary for the "Four tantras" and reflects the beauty of the thought of Bhajshadja -guru"

Author: Desrid Sanjai Chjamtso (1683-1685)
Name: "Lhang-thabs"lhan-thabs)
Publishing house: Ulan-Ude
Year of publication: 1997-2003
Translator: A. Kosoburov
About the book: " The collection of healing methods ("Lhan-thabs"). Kadpura liberating from heat caused by thorns of diseases, sword cutting the noose of the early death - collection of healing methods from the "Four tantras" - commentaries to the Oral Tantra.

Author: Dandzin Puntsog
Name: "Shel Phreng"shel phreng)
Publishing House: Vostochnaya literatura
ISBN: 978-5-02-039772-9
Year of publication: 2017
Translator: D.B. Dashiev
About the book: " Immaculate Crystal Mala – Detailed Explanation of Natures, Qualities and Names of Nectar-like Medicinal Substances". Pharmacognosy of Sowa Rigpa.


Author: Jambaldorje (end of 18 century- beggining of 19 century), Mongolia
Name: "Dzetshar-migchjan" , "The source of precious teachings"shel phreng)
Publishing house: Ulan-Ude, Republic tipography
ISBN: 978-5-91407-038-7
Year of publication: 2011
Translator: Yu. J. Jabon
About the book: "Dzetshar-migchjan" compiled in 19th century by Mongol gegen Jambaldorcje, is the only one illustrated source in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. The combination of rich information material and pictures is the reason for uniquenes of the text. The treatise contains descriptions of 580 medicinal raw materials; anatomic diagrams with indication of points for blood-letting, moxa and accupuncture.

Author: Jamgon Kongtrul Yonten Gyatso (19-20 c.)
Name: "Handbook on Tibetan Medicine. Zin-tig. Drops of nectar. Selected notes on the essentials for young physicians"zin-tig
Publishing house: Orientalia
ISBN: 978-5-91994-055-5
Year of publication: 2014
Translator: Anastasia Teplyakova
About the book: This treatize is one of the basic texts of modern Tibetan Medicine and is an obligation for studying in all the traditional medical institutes and colleges of Tibet and India. It written in a simple and clear language and opens a huge layer of culture not unfamiliar to the westerners which can be very useful in the modern world.


Author: Sumati Pradjnya
Name: Kunpan Dudzi
Publishing House: Vostochnaya literatura
ISBN: 978-5-02-036370-0
Year of publication: 2008
Translator: D.B. Dashiev
About the book: " The big prescription book of Aginskiy monastery" The essence of the nectar useful for everybody" is the collection of almost all the prescriptions with dosages. Contains recepies adopted for the sources of medicinal raw materials of ethnographic Buryatia and to the structure of diseases of the local people. There are names, compositions, dosages and indications for 1200 prescriptions.


Author: Andrey Kosoburov
Name: The full collection of works of Andrey Kosoburov
Publishing house: ANO Tanaduk
Year of publication: 2017

About the book: Contents:

1 volume. Sanjei Chjamtso. "Practical hand-book on Tibetan medicine "Lhan-thabs"

2 volume. Lobsang Choypel "Mongol healing book "Gches bthus sgnying nor" བློ་བཟང་ཆོས་འཕེལ ༄༅༎གཅེས་བཏུས་སྙིང་ནོར༎
Choijamtso "Mongol healing book "Ontsar gadon Terdzod" ཆོས་རྒྱ་མཚོ ༄༅༎ངོ་མཚར་དགའ་སྟོན་གཏེར་མཛོད༎

3rd volume. A. Kosoburov "Encyclopedia of Tibetan medicine." A. Kosoburov. "The big collection of Tibetan, Mongol and Buryat prescriptions"
А.А. Кособуров. «Обширное собрание тибетско-монгольско-бурятской рецептуры»
"Modern prescription book of Amdo Gyunkhoi Mendzor Chedui" ༄༅༎རྒྱུན་མཁོའི་སྨན་སྦྱོར་གཅེས་བསྡུས་ཡང་ཞུན་ནོར་བུའི་མགུལ་རྒྱན་ ཞེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས་སོ༎

4th volume. A. Kosoburov. "Tibetan medicine: diagnostic methods"
Samten "New dawn. The Concentrated Essence of Sorig" གསོ་རིག་སྙིང་བསྡུས་སྐྱ་རེངས་གསར་བ་
A.Kosoburov "Tibetan medicine approcahes to oncologic diseases treatment".

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