Lectures and books of modern Sowa Rigpa teachers in Russian

Author: Eshi Donden
Name: «Introduction into Sowa Rigpa»
Publishing house: Uddhiana
ISBN: 5-94121-028-Х, 937938-25-4
Year: 2005

About: The book of Doctor Donden- an outstanding doctor, personal healer of Dalai-Lama 14, gives detailed description of the basics of Sowa RIgpa in full correspondance with this ancient tradition. The book may be used as a hand-book to study Tibetan medicine.

The same, but earlier edition.
Health trough the balance. Introduction to Sowa Rigpa.

Author: Eshe Donden
Publieshing house: Way to inner self (Put' k sebe)
Year: 1996

Author: Nida Chenagtsang
Name: «FUndamental basics of Sowa RIgpa»
Publieshing house: Ganga
ISBN 978-5-9909603-6-7
Year: 2017
About: This unique book is a brilliant hand-book and very interesting illustrated guide-book on Sowa Rigpa. The full and clear style and precise correspondance to the tradition make one of the most interesting medical Eastern systems available to everyone.


Author: Nida Chenagtsang
Name: "Sowa RIgpa hand-book. Principles, diagnostics, pathology"
Publieshing house: Ganga
Year: 2016
About: This book is the unique guidance on theoretic and practical aspects of diagnostics and some simple healing methods of Traditional Tibetan medicine.


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