IATTM St-Petersburg

IATTM St.-Petersburg (International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine - Saint- Petersburg) - is a Sowa Rigpa school, one of the centers of international non-commercial organization Sorig Khang International(SKẎ), founded by doctor Nida Chenagtsang.
SKẎ has more than 70 centers all over the world, where people study Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan Medicine) and spiritual medical tradition Yuthok Nyingthig, lectures, seminars, workshops, meditation and retreats are held.
IATTM St. Petersburg was registered in November 2018. We decided first to concentrate on popularization and distribution of medicinal knowledge of Sowa Rigpa.
We will start to hold popular lectures on Tibetan medicine on a regular basis starting from February 2019. Experienced specialist will tell in a simple way about different diseases and their treatment by means of Sowa Rigpa.

Practical workshops. Tibetan medicine has many methods of prevention and treatment, available for ordinary people and very effective. Teachers and instructors of SKY will tell you about these ways to help yourself and your relatives.

Education programs for Sowa Rigpastudents. During his many years spent in Western world Doctor Nida elaborated effective Sowa Rigpa, or Tibetan Medicine, adopted for modern world. Traditionally in Tibet, Mongolia, Buryatia Tibetan medicine was taught in monastic schools or by family tradition, and studies took many years of meditation, reading texts and spiritual practice. Then, as a rule, the student assisted to an experienced doctor for some years before he started his own practice. Off course, it is not acceptable by modern people. Most of us have to work, take care of our families, but we should not forget about spiritual practice and healthcare.

IATTM programs have the structure, that is common for western students, but provede possibilities for deep study of all the aspects of Tibetan medicine necessary for practice. This is the main goal of IATTM Spb. - to prepare Sowa Rigpa practitioners.
After graduation students will get an international certificate from SKY. Nowadays this certificate confirms the right ti legally apply some methods (mainly external therapies) of Tibetann medicine all over the world. International organization SKY is doing great job for organization of education process and elaboration of bachellor programs and post-graduate education. This job is beggining in Russia.

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