"Deep Inner essenсe"


This book is written by two authors.
The first author was the third Karmapa Ranjung Dorje (1284-1339) the greatest Teacher of the Karma Kagyu tradition. The name of his work is"Deep inner essence".


The second part called " The highlight of the deep meaning that leads to a complete Freedom and tells " The Deep Inner Essence" in a few words – the essence of the ocean of Anuttarayogatantra" - was written by Jamgon Kongtrul Yonten Gjamtso (1813-1899), a famous practitioner and scientist, one of the founders of non-sectarian line Rime.

Doctor Nida said, "Deep inner Essenсe" is one of the best texts on the anatomy of the vajra body. The root text is not easy to understand, but there are two comments to it. One was written by the III Karmapa, it is not very detailed. Another review is written by Jamgon Kontrul. It is a very good, detailed comment. In General, this is a secret doctrine, traditionally in Tibet only those who have reached a high level in Vajrayana practice were allowed to study this text.
The edition is made for students of Dr. Nida, who study Sowa Rigpa and have listened to a course of vadjra anatomy and for everybody, who has Anuttarayogatantra empowerment.

The translator has the copyright to use the text.

The edition is 300 copies.
488 pages
The A5

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