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In Tibetan:

  • bdud rtsi snyung po yan lag brgyad pa gsang ba man ngag gi rgyud ces by aba bzhugs so/

    «The Secret Quintessential Instructions of the Eight Branches of the Ambrosia Essence Tantra»
    This is the main, fundamental Tibetan medicine text, known as Four Tantras.
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  • mchin pa’i ma zhu ba las ‘phros pa’I mchin nad ‘ga’I gyur tshul dang brtag bcos/

    "The mechanism of some liver diseases caused by ma-zhu (indigestion) spread in the liver. Diagnostics and treatment." 230 p.
    The book describes how the process of indigestion in the liver begins and how it leads to other diseases.
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  • bod kyi gso ba rig pa las sman rdzas sbyor bzo’I lag len gsang sgo ‘byed pa’I lde mig/

    "Prescriptions of Tibetan medicine and introduction into secret methods of technology of processing of medicinal ingredients" Compiled by Dr. Dawa, Dharmasala, 2003.
    The book compiled by Dr. Dawa contains several hundred prescriptions of Tibetan medicines with detailed composition and indications. There is also a description of processing and taming of some raw materials, information on the interchangeable components and a lot of other useful advice.
    The translation of the book is included into the project "Be involved" on "Tanaduk" web-site.
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  • bod kyi gso rig dang a yur we dha krung dbyi’I sman gzhung bcas las bstan pa’I skye dngos sman rdzas kyi dpar ris dang lag len gces btus/

    "Selection of the most important information about the properties and chemical composition of medicinal ingredients with pictures, described in the classical works of Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda" The 1st volume. 275 p.
    The book presents the course of "materia medica" of the main scientific and education centre of Tibetan medicine- Institute Men-Tsee-Khang. The three volumes of this work include description and images of most of the raw materials, used in Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda.
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  • bod lugs sman rdzas kyi dpar ris dang lag len ngo sprod/

    "Medical substances in Tibetan medical tradition with images and description of use" 248 p.
    The book provides botanical description of herbs used in Tibetan medicine, with photos and pharmacological effect.
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  • smang ming gi mdzod/

    "The Tibetan medicine Dictionary" 272 p.
    The dictionary provides interpretation of many terms.
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