The process of publishing concept creation for Materia Medica showed, that there is the whole layer of special knowledge that cannot be be included into the basic information, but may be of help to the doctors who prepare medicinal compositions.
And we decided to publish this information in the form of separate articles.
Here we present to your attention the first article written by Sergey Shirshov.

Elena Shirshova


Dear friends, comrades, companions! I've started publication of series of articles about raw materials most applicable in Tibetan pharmacology. In the first turn I will highlight plants as it is the most wide-spread group of materials. My idea is to dedicate each article to one material. The goal of the article is to tell all the information I have on the material in the most comprehensive and accurate order. Nowadays there are perfect texts on Tibetan pharmacology in Russian. The first one is "The Encyclopedia of Tibetan medicine raw materials" compiled by Andrey Kosoburov. But there is a lot of information in other sources and in oral trancribtion that was not included in his work. I think that publication of such articles may help to fill this gap. Another goal is to offer for further studies possible analogues and substitutes of the original Tibetan raw materials from Russia and the nearest countries. These materials are described in the part "Possible substitutes". I would like to underline that the goal of this part is only to offer the plants for further studies of possible substitution. I don't claim to take them and use them right now! I will be glad is somebody offers additional information anbout any kind of raw materials, or indicates any interesting source of information. I'm ready to cooperate with a group of co-authors and will be greatful for any corrections and notes based on arguments. Please get in touch with me by e-mail:

Sergey Shirshov

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